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  • Carritos de golf

    Carritos de golf

    Transportamos tu diversión y a su vez, también ayudamos a contribuir con cuidado del medio ambiente

  • Interconnection


    Installs in your own home or business your own renewable energy system and performs an interconnection contract with CFE.

    In addition to the savings in energy consumption, you’ll be helping with environment.


  • Microinversors


    Reduces your photovoltaic electricity rate with the installation of a solar system from a single panel, using microinversors.

  • Isolated systems

    Isolated systems

    Systems designed for users who do not have connection to electric networks or main systems or difficult to access to it.

  • High-efficiency luminaries

    High-efficiency luminaries

    With the integration of luminaries of last generation, you can get a savings of 50% in electricity consumption.

    Suitable for lighting of industry or trade, factory or business.

  • Eolic


    Turbines capable of transforming the kinetic energy of wind into electricity. Models are available for connection to the network and also to charge batteries in isolated systems. Its efficiency depends on the wind speed average of the place, preferably from 10 m/s.

  • Swimming pool

    Swimming pool

    Fuel consumption for heating your swimming pool… it was in another era.
    Ecosun: The more efficient manifold in the market, 20 years of useful life.